Oyster and Mussel Premiere October 11. through 13. 2019

Welcome to the Oyster & Mussel Premiere in Nykøbing Mors – Shellfish Capital of Denmark. These are days of celebration on Mors, when the oyster season begins, and the first oyster boats dock in the harbour.

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this event. - Come and join the festivities when we celebrate our local flat oysters - Limfjord Oysters - some of the worlds best! Mors still has an active fleet of fishermen and is home of the main processing industry in the country, Vilsund Blue, and Danish Shellfish Centre, DTU Aqua. 

Enjoy fantastic flavours by gourmet chefs and watch the Danish Championships in Oyster Shucking, Champagne Sabering and the cooking competition; Danish Championships in Oyster Gastronomy. Do not miss when the judges decide who will be crowned the Danish Champion in Oyster Gastronomy.

- Come because you love oysters and mussels or because you want to try them for the first time!

Saturdag Program

The Danish Championships in Oyster Shucking, Champagne Sabering and Oyster Gastronomy · Saturday October 12th · in the tent at the harbour in Nykøbing Mors

10.00 am Champagne Brunch and preliminary rounds of the Danish Championships in Oyster Shucking and Champagne Sabering begin (brunch can be booked on www.visitmors.dk).

12.30 pm Official opening of the Oyster and Mussel Premiere.

Danish Championship in Oyster Gastronomy
Yet again we host the Danish Championships in Oyster Gastronomy, where some of the best chefs in Denmark compete:

  • Jeppe Foldager, Restaurant Kanalen, Copenhagen
  • Eric Vilgaard, Restaurant Jordnær, Copenhagen
  • Mette Dahlgaard Jensen, Restaurant Gemyse, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
  • Jacob Jensbye, Anlægspavillionen, Holstebro
  • Kristoffer Ringsing, Restaurant B-Spis, Næstved,
  • Rune Kromann, Kromanns Køkken, Brøndby Strand,
  • Henriette Bæk Laursen, Tambohus Kro & Badehotel, Thyholm
  • Daniel Justesen, Limfjordens Hus, Glyngøre

Samples of their oyster and mussel dishes will be available for purchase.
Oysters, champagne and steamed mussels are available for purchase, along with other delicacies with oysters from Sallingsund Færgekro, Restaurant Pakhuset and the Danish National Catering Team.

3.00 pm Finals in the Danish Championship in Oyster Shucking and Champagne Sabering.

4.30 pm Winners of the Danish Championships in Oyster Shucking, Champagne Sabering and Oyster Gastronomy will be announced.

Free admission to the tent.

Sunday Program

Shellfish Circus for kids Sunday October 13. from 13.00 to 16.00 in the tent at the harbour in Nykøbing Mors.

This event is for children and their families with the opportunity to explore and become acquainted with the animals of the Limfjord.

Our local shellfish celebrity, Grandpa Mussel will entertain with songs and circus tricks! - learn about the national team of crab football and the naughty jellyfish.

Try the stir-pool, compete with crab-races, have a selfie taken with a starfish, create your own artwork with oyster and clam shells and much more - all at kids level!

Try a fried oyster or Moules Frits!

Oyster Safari

Go hunting for oysters in the Limfjord along with at biologist from Danish Shellfish Center and learn how to pick your own fresh oysters: The centre provides waders, buckets, nets, etc.

Book Tickets hier www.visitmors.dk

Program Oyster and Mussel Premiere

Full program with oysters and mussels activities: